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Be Grateful for Relationship

Be Grateful for Relationship

           1.                God Give Birth to Live

           2.                Motherland - For birth in India.

           3.                Parents - For birth, For Education and Culture, For Growing up.

           4.                Preceptor - For Education.

           5.                Home - Where you were Born, Grew up.

           6.                Wife - Who supported in the happiness and sorrow of life, as it is.

           7.                Son and Daughter - To give you Love.

           8.                Servants / Employees - On whose behalf you earned, worked for you.

           9.                Doctors, Hospitals, Nurses, Medicines - For your Health.

       10.                Bank loan, bank Executives, Credit Cards - To help money in Crisis.

       11.                Books - Those who gave you Good Knowledge.

       12.                Good Writers - For Motivation.

       13.                Internet - For any type of Knowledge.

       14.                Lender, Shroff - Who helped  in giving Money in Crisis.

       15.                Circumstances - To provide Challenges and Turning Points.

       16.                Dealer / suppliers - To Assist in your  Business.

       17.                Consumers - To help you to Earn Money.

       18.                Boss - To give you a Job to run your  House.

       19.                Inspiring Resources To Icons - To provide Motivation.

       20.                Temples, Places of  Journey - To give you Mental Peace.

       21.                Music - To give Mental Peace.

       22.                Nature - To steer  your body through Air, Water, Earth, Sky, Fire.

       23.                Your own - To do your actions on this earth / To play Roll.

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