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Physical Desires of Human Life - What do I want?

Physical Desires of Human Life - What do I want?

1.           House - Flat, Luxury Bungalow, Swimming Pool, Farm House, Servants,
     Luxury Furniture, Electronics Appliances.

2.           Electronics - Luxury Electronics Items - Mobile, TV, Computer, Internet, Phone etc.

3.           Abundant Wealth - Money, FD, Bank Balance, Shares, Gold, Jewelry.

4.           Vehicles - Cycles, Scooters, Bikes, Cars, Luxury cars, Aircraft.

5.           Job - High Paid Secured Job.

6.           Business - Factory, Business, Profitable Business, Brand Value

7.           High Living - Club Membership, Credit Card, Luxury Clothes - Apparels, Accessories.

8.           Insurance - MediClaim, LIC and other Insurances

9.           Cuisine - Luxury Cuisine, Luxury Hotels

10.         Travel - Luxury Trips, fFreign Tours, Luxury Trains, Luxury Flights

11.         Body + Medicines - Medicines, Luxury Hospitals, Doctor, Gym

12.         Marriage - Matching Spouse, Loving and Happy Marriage Life

13.         Family - Loving Parents, Loving and Obedient Childeren

14.         Relationships - Good Friends, Good Groups

15.         Education - Higher Education, Degrees, Library, Books

16.         Services - Donations, Charity, Gifts

17.         Respect - Honor, Respect, Power, Position, Sense of Importance

18.         Sports - Sports, Dance, Hobbies, Music

19.         Spirituality



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