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Wealth Assets



If you have a Good Body and Happiness, but do not have Wealth, then you cannot live well.
There are many forms of Assets and Wealth.


Main Assets


1.           Good Thoughts and Time

2.           Good Knowledge

3.           Good Values

4.           Powers

5.           Happiness

6.           Purity

7.           Virtuous Actions (Karms)

8.           Blessings

9.           Good Sacraments / Good Character

10.         Wealth - Money - Material things

11.         Obedient Children

12.         Having Happiness of Father and Mother

13.         Harmony in Family

14.         Progress of Children

15.         Good Friends

16.         Books - Library

17.         Donation - Charity

18.         Sports, Dance, Hobbies

19.         Knowledge, Research and Development, New Skills

20.         Spiritual Progress



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