Solutions for Diseases of the Body

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Rules of Body’s Diseases and Measures

1.            Sleep 8 hours a day.

2.            Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

3.            Walking 1 hour daily in the morning and evening

4.            Exercise 1/2 hour daily

5.            Do yoga and pranayama every 1/2 hour.

6.            Meditate 1/2 hour daily - 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the evening

7.            Avoid addictions.

8.            Keep your body clean by taking a bath every morning.

9.            Get blood tests done every 3 or 6 months.

10.         Get sonography done 1 time per year.

11.         Stop eating after 8 pm. Have a light breakfast if needed.

12.         Eat peacefully positive positive balanced food daily. Nutritious and hygenic food.

13.         Take vitamins and supplements if necessary.

14.         Sleep early and wake up early.

15.         Light breakfast at night, heavy breakfast in the morning.

16.         Keep Weight Control - Look at the chest in the mirror every day.

17.         If medicines are on, take them on time.

18.         Don't worry about illness - trust on God - sickness will go away.

19.         Stay in a clean environment for as long as possible.

20.         Pure water, house cleaning, waste disposal, temperature, noise pollution, sunlight.

21.         Learn to Smile.

22.         Take a deep breath and rest every half an hour.

23.         Eat less in monsoon.

24.         Apple and dryfruit are cheaper than gutkha. Be addict free

25.         Exercise every part of the body.

Eye exercises

Facial exercises

Hand claw exercises

Foot paw exercises

Knee exercises

Shoulder exercise

Neck exercises

Brain exercise

26.         Sleep early and wake up early.

27.         Filled in copper bowl, wake up in the morning - drink 1 to 2 glasses of warm clean water.

28.         Take bath daily with warm water, keep every part of the body clean.

29.         Cut bruised nails, bruised hair every week.

30.         Brush regularly for 5 to 10 minutes and strengthen teeth, remove the tongue dirt.

31.         Apply white Vaseline in good quality to the nose and ears while going out so that the amount
    of microbial bacteria going through the nose and ears into the body is reduced and there will
    be relief if there is no cold or cough disease.

32.        Wake up in the morning and meditate for 15 minutes. (See chapter) Thank God and decide
    that all day I will speak well, look good, listen well, do good and think well. I will keep
    positivity in thinking, speech and behavior.

33.         Meditate while sleeping at night. (See chapter)

34.         Wear cotton clothes according to the season. Synthetic clothing can increase sweating and
     cause skin diseases.

35.         Massage the body - SPA

36.         Stand for 1 minute every hour for 2 minutes on a chair.

Test of Diseases

1.            BP measurement

2.            Cardiogram ECG

3.            Measure the weight

4.            Cholesterol - HDL, LDL, VDL – of Heart

5.            Blood cells, leukemia, hemoglobin – of blood

6.            ESR

7.            EMG, EEG – of Brain

8.            SGPT - Lever

9.            Diabetes - Sugar - 100 - 140

10.         Protein, Alumin, Calcium, Phosphate, Vitamin-D, B12, PTH

11.         Urine test - urin

12.         S creatinine, uric acid

13.         X Ray Test

14.         Blood test

15.         Sonography Test

16.         MRI Testing

17.         BMI Test - Less than 25

18.         Understand blood test report.

19.         Eye. Teeth, ear check

20.         Check the weight

The Medicines

  1. Without natural diseases / diseases, medicine simply disappears, because nature has given vitality
    every person.

  2. If you are sick, do not worry about the disease. Trust God that the disease will be cured. Even
    this, you had many diseases in your life and God has healed you.

  3. Take medication on time, if the medicine is on - without mistake.

  4. Perform a blood test every 6 months. Understand its report (according to the chapter) and prevent
    disease from coming as far as possible.

  5. Avoid the habit of prescribing antibiotics for minor diseases as long as possible. Take innocent
    powder or tablets like Isabgul, Harad or Triphala for constipation etc.

  6. Use of turmeric, amble, and gallo in diabetes.

  7. Keep the First Aid Box

  8. Keep Doctor's Database

  9. Keep Medicine Shop Database

  10. Keep Hospitals Database

  11. 108 number

 Allopathy and Naturopathy

  1. Allopathy - For emergencies - 90% of allopathy has side effects, one allopathic medicine causes
    another disease.

  2. Ayurvedic - For long term illness

  3. Naturopathy - Naturopathy - Herbal

  4. Naturopathy is a natural remedy. Naturopathy has no side effects, it is an old-world, old-fashioned,
    original method. Diseases are cured by it.

  5. Acupressure

  6. Acupuncture

Naturopathy Treatment

1.            Anima

2.            Cold-hot cottage bath, full tub bath, steambath, sun bath, Massage

3.            Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, Humor

4.            Wrap (Packs)

5.            Water only

6.            Different Uses of Soil

7.            Fasting

8.            Juice

9.            Fruit

10.         Five Elements - treatment based on earth, sky, water, air and fire

11.         Acupressure, Acupuncture

12.         Solar Treatment



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