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Positive use of Body Senses To Gain Happiness


Positive use of Body Senses To Gain Happiness

1.           By Mind To Read, To See

1.            Read Positive Books - 3 Idiots, Elchemists, Power of Positive Thinking, Tuesday with
     Momis, Robin Sharma - Mystery, Triad, BMP, Norman, Janak Nayak, etc.

2.            Autobiographies - Life of great people

3.            Good Quotes

4.            Religious Scriptures

5.            Upanishads

6.            Vedas

7.            Religious Preceptors

8.            Inspiring experiences

9.            Positive Stories Parables

10.         Adventure Stories

11.         Comedy Stories

12.         Affirmation Books

13.         Magazines / Newspapers

14.         Positive Softwares

15.         Positive Icons

16.         Positive Writers

17.         Don't watch exiciting news on TV - riots, accidents, rapes, political party vicissitudes,
     scams, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, robberies, bombings etc.

18.         Don't Get Excited - Novels

2.  By Ears To Listen

1.            Mantra - Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

2.            Old songs

3.            Hymns / Couplets

4.            Music

5.            instrumental

6.            Positive Lecture

7.            Positive Audios

8.            Positive online web hours / seminars

9.            Go Talks

10.         Classical Music

11.         Positive Songs

12.         Don't Listen Excited Music - Pop, Disco

13.         Do not Listen Excited News

3.  By Nose To Smell

  Good Fragrance - floral, incense, spray

4.  By Tongue To Speak

1.            Speak Positive words -  Sentences

2.            Pray

3.            Talk Good Sweet.

4.            Motivate / Inspire people

5.  By Eye To See

1.            Positive colors, paintings, photographs, images

2.            Positive Movies

3.            Comedy Movies

4.            Positive Channel - PM TV, Aastha, Discovery

5.            Positive Websites

6.            Positive Video

7.            Positive Charts / Slogans

8.            Positive Magazine / News Papers

9.            Avoid Watching Provocative Movies - fear, quarrels, casteism, action, suspense, etc.

10.         Do not watch continuous TV, get up 1 minute after every half hour.

6.  By Hands and Legs - Walking / Wandering

1.            Positive Camp

2.            Positive Meeting

3.            Positive Exhibitions

4.            Positive Seminars

5.            Positive Courses

6.            Positives / Vacation

7.            Temple / Church etc.

8.            In the garden / lap of nature - river, fruit, forest, valley, waterfall etc., take a bath in natural
     water along the beach.

9.           Walking in the fresh morning air, walking in the garden, watching the sky, greenery, birds
     and hearing their melodious sound.

10.         Reduce remote control usage everywhere you can.

11.         Take a walk to pick up small things.

12.         No exciting places to visit, no games to play, no excited driving.

7.  By Mouth To Eat

1.            Do not eat to taste, eat to live.

2.            Eat food by chewing and chewing.

3.            Do not eat while watching TV.

4.            Do not eat while reading the newspaper.

5.            My body is my temple - my soul is my god - do not indulge in spoiled things.

6.            Eat with peace

7.            On the occasion of marriage, keep your stomach under control and eat. Do not overeat..

8.            Do not eat stimulant food - fried, non-vegetarian, stimulant drinks - do not drink alcohol,
     cold drinks

9.           Did not live a sedentary life. Waking up once every hour for 2 minutes to walk or drink
     water / to urinate.


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